NuPay is a new payment method conceived to revolutionize Brazilian e-commerce, created by one of the most well-known brands in the country, Nubank, which is also one of the biggest fintechs in the world.
I took part in an array of creative design efforts in many different fronts: B2B mailing and communications, product marketing campaigns, social media and blog content creation and more.

All about NuPay - newsletter header

Customer's Day 2022
Created the visual identity for a weekly email newsletter

Static logo I created

Animated version for the header of the newsletter - in collaboration with Sebastião Mota, motion designer

E-Commerce for All
LinkedIn Newsletter Art & Assets

Cover art

Section Headers

"Did you know that..."

"It’s worth it to be the newest"

"Tab by Tab"

Social Media and Blog Content

Blog post cover art

Blog post cover art

Newsletter cover art

LinkedIn Carousel Post

LinkedIn Post Art

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