While we created Unicamp Tritons' new brand and visual identity, our team knew we couldn't just change everything, swap profile pictures on social media and call it a day.
It was necessary to communicate the change in a grand manner to those who knew Tritons, and also build hype for a new generation of students that were joining the university during the pandemic.
The timing was also great: thje new brand was ready a month away from the team's 5 year anniversary. We knew it'd be really hard to create this video on time - and it was - but we made it. Here it is.
- Introducing the team and Unicamp
- Honoring the team's history
- Providing context on the contemporary esports scene
- Justifying the reasons for a change in visual identity
- Displaying the new brand, logos, and visual identity and its applications
- Creating hype for what's to come

Read more about the process below:
Working Solo
This was probably the biggest challenge. I knew this video would be a lot of work and that it would be much harder to do it all by myself, but I took the challenge to try to do as much as I could.
I wrote the script in Notion and ranked each scene by its importance. The plan was to tackle them in this order and, in the case there was not enough time to do it all, at least the most important scenes would be there.
Short deadline
Time was very limited. I was really busy with other projects, so I could only focus 100% in this video during the week that preceded Triton's anniversary. The release could not be postponed because we had scheduled and advertised a livestream event with a big surpise for the anniversary date.
Learning new skills
When I wrote the script, I included a lot of scenes that required skills I did not have yet. For instance, I had almost no prior experience with motion design and by the end of this project I already felt comfortable using Adobe After Effects. The animations turned out way better than I expected!
What worked
As I mentioned before, the script started as an ideal concept, something we would not necessarily achieve, so completing all of it was a huge success.
I'm super glad my vision for this video turned into reality and I'm extremely proud.
Overall, the goals were accomplished! The feedback was great and the average reception was really good. Many people said they were positively surprised by the video and the new visual identity, and many stated that now Tritons were looking way more professional.
What Could've Been Better
if I could polish anything, it would be the scene immediately after the morphing animation with the first reveal of the new logo. This scene is responsible for showing brand applications and mockups in an impressive way, but it was not prioritized enough.
I miscalculated how much effort it would take. It was the last scene to be finished and by the time I got to make it, I didn't have enough material nor time or energy to make it.
The schedule worked out, but it was too tight. I certainly went through more stress than was needed and worked too many hours in the last few days.
Special thanks
Álefe Porto for her support and feedback
Any "Kraukie" and João Pedro "Walto" for their support and for recording the voiceovers

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